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No safety concerns in early 2011.
There are two aspects to consider: precautions against crime and precautions against the Iranian police for political reasons. In terms of delinquency,no anxiety, Iran is a safe country, people there are fundamentally honest and crimes being violently repressed. You must of course be cautious, as in any country, do not show off your money, jewelry or uptodate electronic gadgets. The Iranians know (at least those related to tourism) that you have all your cash in your pockets (because of the financial blockade), but they do not attack you so far. In terms of police and paramilitary groups (Basij, Pasdaran), must behave soberly, acceptable clothes (a scarf for women (no need to disguise yourself with a chador as I have seen someone), trousers and shirt for men), also sober behavior (no outpouring of feelings in public).
You must flee any protest (tourists having serious problems where attending protests) do not take pictures of prohibited places (administrative buildings, police stations, fire stations, military bases). Do not photograph women in the street without their permission, or the interiors of homes from a high point (roof, tower, wall). In policy discussions (Iranian like to talk politics and criticize their government) to be reserved and not to forget that they are very proud of their country and their culture.
Still wary, be sure to be with a trustworthy person, not a provocateur. Danger seems especially to be the victim of a provocateur, including a Basij. These can be found everywhere, but can be aggressive around certain religious sites (such as the mausoleum of Imam Khomeini in Tehran).


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